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The great shopping in Holland, should be discovered by everyone once. Shopping in the Netherlands is fun because you can see many well-known brands all over Europe at top prices. But especially Dutch products, which represent quality and a good price-performance ratio, are worth the shopping trip. Here you will find the best locations for shopping in the Netherlands.

Supermarkets & groceries

Dutch supermarkets are the place where many different product types are available. The perfect starting point for the shopping trip. Supermarkets are far more than just groceries. In addition to food, cosmetics, toys, clothing, electronics and many other things are also available. Be sure to look closely at Dutch products. With us you will find the right supermarket in the Netherlands.

Fashion & clothing stores

In Dutch fashion shops, high-quality and cheap clothing and shoes are available. The Dutch fashion goods, which are often offered by traditional companies, deserve special attention. Ladies will surely find matching shoes, jackets, pants, skirts, tops and other fashion. Men will look forward to shirts, coats, jeans and hats. With us you can find suitable clothing stores in the Netherlands.

Perfumeries & drugstores

In Dutch drugstores you can buy numerous cosmetic products and detergents favorably. If you are interested in high-quality fragrances, you might find a Dutch perfumery. Whether it be a drugstore or a perfumery in Holland: Pay particular attention to Dutch products. Look at soaps, fragrances, deodorants, creams, lotions and natural cosmetics. With us you will find perfumeries and drugstores in the Netherlands.

Current offers and brochures

If you would like to see the current offers and brochures of Dutch shops, click here. There you will find a selection of great advertising material to help you plan your shopping in Holland even better. Above all, those who shop more cheaply have more fun!